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January 2019
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 What are fan clubs?

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PostSubject: What are fan clubs?   27/7/2014, 9:22 am

What Are Fan Clubs?
Fan Clubs are mini groups inside our forum where you can come together and connect with other members who have the same interest. It can be from the characters, transformations, or anything in between.
How Do I Register A Fan Club?
In order to register for a fan club please submit your idea to TheMysticalOne and then a group will be created. In order to get your fan club improved you must:
-Tell me what the club is about and why it should be needed.
-Have at least 3 members to join the club with you.
-Post Count of 40 between all members.
-An icon for your fan club.
Can Non-Winx Club Fan Clubs Be Created To?
Yes, non winx club fan clubs can be created as long as they are appropriate. That means any wide variety of clubs can be created from music to Anime. But make sure you check before you create it.
How Do I Sign Up For An Already Created Club?
If you want to sign up for a club that's already been created then check the group  for their sign up sheet and say "I want to join" and then check their procedures from there. Each club has a unique way to recruit new members from easy to difficult ways.
What Are Club Badges?
Club badges are badges indicating what club you are currently assigned to.
How Does A Group Get Disbanded?
Groups can get disbanded if they loose to many stars by not following our basic forum rules. They can also get disbanded if they attack another group or harass other members.
How Do I Leave A Group?
If you want to leave a group then please contact TheMysticalOne so they can inform your leader to remove you from the group. You must give a statement as why you want to leave.
Can My Group's Activity Be Hidden From Other Groups?
Group activity may not be hidden from other groups or members.
How Many Groups Can I Be In?
You may be in up to three groups at a time but if you are a group leader then you must be in two groups.
What Is Recruitment Day?
Recruitment Day happens on September 4th, January 10th, and May 30th to recruit new members to your group. You may advertise in your signature, create a commerical, ect.
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What are fan clubs?
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