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June 2018
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 Six Star Policy

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Crystal Flake

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PostSubject: Six Star Policy   22/11/2013, 8:58 pm

Six Star Policy

The Six Star Policy Is a Rule that will Be given to all members that are in the Forum or Chat box. This are some questions that u made me thinking about so i will answer them for u and explain to you what they really mean.

       Why Do we have the Six Star Policy?

We have the Six star policy because 2 chances Really doesn't work. Why? Well If you don't follow the rules We Give u another chance and u lose your chances, you get ban. easy as that. We want this policy to be fair to EVERYONE. This means u won't have only 2 chances But 6 Chances.

      How does the Six Star Policy Work?

        The Six Star Policy works by Following the rules or We Take away a Star! For example, You Say the word "Lmao" We take a star from u and u will only have 5 stars left. Piece of cake, Just Follow the rules or we take a star from you.

            If we lose a Star. Can We have it back?
The only way to have stars back is Friendship! Example, ur friend has 6 stars and ur only left with one! so ur friend wants to give u a star from her or him so if ur friend gives u star, ur friend it's left with the amount of stars they have. Before ur friend gives u a star u have to talk to me (crystal flake) so i will choose if ur friend can give u a star or not.

                  If we still have the 6 stars. Can We earn More?
Yes u can! It will  depend on how u treat others around here! There will be actually 2 choices to choose from! The Friendship Award or a Star. I might pm u about what u want to pick if i see ur been following rules of the forum.

               Do mods or admins have the Six Star Policy?
Yes. Everyone that joins this Forum has the Six Star policy! It will be fair for everyone!  

Are we allowed to give stars away to our friends?

Yes u are allowed.But i (Crystal Flake) have to choose if ur friend can give u a star or not. 

                                                                    Can they ask friends for one?


 How can we lose a Star?
This are some ways u can lose a Star in other words how can we(admins,mods) take away a star from you.


-Disrespect Any members

-Signature to big. We might ask u once to change your signature. if u don't, we take away a star.


-Unnecessary topics like: love, life, or personal stuff about you

-Being Racist

-Personal Pictures (Don't post any pictures of yourself because u don't know who can see them)  

-Making Two accounts (you only need one)


-Stealing Pictures (Just because it's a Winx Photo doesn't mean it's yours.)


-Cyber bullying (If u bully someone online we won't just take a star from u. We will ban you instead)

-Any CreepyPasta videos! 

-Any youtuber's Videos (Unless they are appropiate)

                              Okay So this is what i have so far!

If you have any other questions leave me a Message (Pm) please and i will answer you as soon as i can! Smile

Your Friend and Admin






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Six Star Policy
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