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September 2018
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 Winx Sirenix

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PostSubject: Winx Sirenix   22/8/2014, 8:00 pm

About Sirenix
Sirenix is the second transformation of Season 5. It is water related and the Winx looked for this ancient power to fight the villain Tritannus as their Believix powers were too weak underwater. In addition, they would need Sirenix in order to enter the Infinite Ocean.
Sirenix Curse
Sirenix was cursed by the Ancestral Witches when Daphne acquired it, and it caused the Sirenix power to turn against Daphne herself when she tried using it to defend herself from the Witches. It's also revealed that Politea was also cursed by the ancient witches. It's unknown how and if the Curse affects to the Winx, as well as the Trix and Tritannus. The Sirenix Curse could punish the possessor physically. And as Tritannus was always attacked by the Emperor's Throne, it was clearly stated by Daphne that it's the effect of the Sirenix Curse. Later, by using Sirenix wish, Bloom breaks the curse put on Sirenix.

3D Sirenix

Thoughts about Sirenix
Sirenix is my 2nd favorite transformation, after Bloomix.^^ ..Yet, I am a little used to Sirenix again.. O_o I like the 2D version better, not saying that I dislike/hate the 3D version. The 3D version is okay. I just prefer 2D. c: Like Harmonix, it's hard for me to choose a favorite Sirenic fairy.. .-.
What are your thoughts about Sirenix?
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Winx Sirenix
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