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December 2018
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 Winx Avengers Crossover

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PostSubject: Winx Avengers Crossover   18/6/2014, 11:42 am

So this is going to take place after the Avenger movie only when Thor and Loki got back to Asgard Loki was able to escape with the Tesseract and ended up in Magix.

Loki looks around and takes in his new surrounding. He realized that he stood out because of the clothes that he was wearing, he saw a group of guys all wearing the same suits and capes, so he used his scepter to change his clothes to match theirs, and followed them. By listening to their conversations he learned that this guy went to a school called Red Fountain. "What an odd name for a school," he thought to himself. He was able to join the Specialists, for that is what they called themselves, into their hovercraft and decided that when they got back to the school he would join as a student. He smiled to himself as he thought of that idea, "Thor and the rest of the Avengers will never thing to look for me at a school, let alone in this dimension"

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PostSubject: Re: Winx Avengers Crossover   28/6/2014, 2:56 pm

A guy with purple spiky hair greeted Loki and welcomed him to Red Fountain. Loki is given a room with a guy that's name was Heila. Heila asks Loki where all of his personal items were. Well Loki realized that he didn't have any, well other then the Tesseract that is. "Oh, there on their way." lied Loki. Then he started asking Heila about the school, classes, teachers and if there were other schools in the area. Then Heila ask him a where he lived, 'Now how do I answer that?' thought Loki. "Well where are you from?" he asked his roommate. Heila gave him an odd look and then answered, "Linphea." "Well what a coincidence that's where I call home too." Loki lied.

Meanwhile Thor, Odin and Heimdall were trying to figure out how Loki was able to escape and were he would have went.
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Winx Avengers Crossover
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